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Since I value anonymity, I've always wanted to minimize my digital footprint on the web. The fact is that I am paranoid, and I think that no one should know what I am talking about with friends and colleagues. So this is why I started looking for the most secure messaging app. My smartphone is the primary means of communication, so I concentrated on finding digital products that support encryption.
Since I'm not sure that one application will be enough, I chose three at once. It is worth noting that I found a good article on the net that influenced my choice. So my first option is Telegram. I think this is one of the most convenient applications for communicating with friends. In addition, Telegram uses encryption and private groups. Moreover, I can delete the chat history with one click.
Signal Private Messenger and WhatsApp are also good choices. I found out that these messengers are pretty well protected, and no one can access my private messages. So this is very important for me as I often discuss business ideas and share important data with colleagues. So now I have three options to exchange messages and files anonymously. I'm glad I can count on online privacy.